Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So...I guess a little illness isn't all that bad

We are going through some sort of germ warfare around here and lately the germs are winning. Reilly started it before she left on her trip, t hen John, then Sam and today me Who woulda thought.

It was Jay's second day home with whatever it is he has going on. I'm going to use this line as a segue to something else I've thought about the last few days. My kids are wonderfully loveable when they are ill; something that increases incrementally with with rising of the thermometer. Not that I like them ill (and this does not come into effect when it is a vomiting illness, no way) but that wildly on the go, hyperactive, semi-in-your-face behavior melts into the "I'll just lay here and let you rub my back and read to me" sort of behavior. It is sweet though short-lived.

At any rate, conjunctivits, thankfully, we have a little, teeny, tiny bottle of terrifically expensive drops from a previous round. So I just called in to my wonderful principal, seriously a considerate and helpful man, put the drops in and grabbed a book. It was a little difficult the first few hours when my eyes really did hurt but as time wore on I either noticed it less or it dissapated.

The book I started was "Twilight". I think every girl in the high school has read this book which honestly, made me a little circumspect about reading it since the quality of the books they read leave a lot to be imagined. Nonetheless, I thought, the author's LDS how bad could it be? I was hooked by the introduction and read the whole thing right through...about 4.5 hours later; I'm hooked. I want to read them all but this can't happen until Spring Break because I have a reading issue. When I read, the world as I know it ceases to exist, time stands still or runs on without me and the home starts to implode. For this very reason I've nearly given up recreational reading except during breaks. I need a 12 step program for bibliophiles...seriously, not a joke. My home is a regular library since once a book enters I cannot let it leave...sort of like foster care for literature. They are my little friends and I rarely part with them.

I think my behavior has made a poor impression on my children only Jay is a pathological reader. Will and Sam did before they discovered entertainment via video, Reilly never liked to sit still long enough to read more than the thinnest tome. I'm convinced it is similar to the children of alcoholics who swear off alcoholic libation for life because the impact on their lives.

Ah, to love a book.

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  1. I know what you mean. I don't like to read, myself. But I read the whole TWILIGHT series and couldn't put them down. In fact, I did nothing but read them or carry them with me to read when I had any moment to spare. I recently thought about reading them again - but realized that I don't have the time to do so with 3 kids all needing me! Happy reading!