Monday, March 30, 2009

I just got back from a Track Meet. Well, I drove to the meet and waited in the car for nearly 2 hours. I watched the meet from my car because it was close to the field events and I could watch the track events through the chain link fence. I refused to pay $10.00 for John and I to simply cross the other side of a string of event flags to watch Sam heave heavy metal objects through the air. Those aren't chickens you hear, "cheap, cheap, cheap."

Sam loves to throw the discus. This is all he likes to do in track and field...throw the metal frisbee. This year he has to launch the shot put. He hates that and won't practice, but the discus; whole different story. I don't get it. I watch him spin around a couple of times and lob that thing about 130 feet and then do it again a couple more times. Once I watched him disqualify on a throw and almost wipe out 30 spectators. Now that was interesting.

I love the little interesting things that make us all different. I work with youth all day every day and for more fun I live with them too making this a 24/7 type of existence. I love the youth. I hated being one but I surely enjoy being with them (usually). I like their exhuberance and enthusiasm. I love the sure way they move, their bodies fresh and vibrant not bent up by the arthritis waiting right around the corner. I love the swing in their step and the smiles they unwittingly smile because life is good. They don't even know that's why they are smiling.

I especially love the "troubled" ones. Those who don't smile as much. Those with weird clothes and hair that dares you to find their faces. They probably touch me more because their story is usually more poignant and difficult. They are the victims of bad choices and usually those choices are not their choices. They are the unsuspecting recepients of consequences from their parent's poor choices. All to soon it seems those choices become their own.

I love those kids the most because I know that sometimes I'm probably the only one who even tries to say something pleasant to them. I try to let them know they are valuable. I try to enjoy them and believe me this is a trial sometimes but they are in sad situations. Sometimes it seems very unfair.

This is what I thought about today while my son, full of vigor and muscley arms threw his little metal frisbee. This is what I thought about as the lovely young people ran vigorously around the track with swift and expensive track shoes and loving parents and friends cheering them on. This is what my mind "chewed on" as I watch the groups laugh and prepare the for next event. I thought about those who don't have it quite as good right now....I hope I can cheer them on.


  1. The world needs more people like you. Wonderful!

  2. What deep thoughts as you sat in your car and watched a track meet through a chain link fence in the rain!


  3. Seriously Amanda, I sat there for nearly 2 hours and just watched the kids. It was really an interesting afternoon. Almost a perfect waste of time but I did learn some things just watching and being quiet. That's when God tells us the best things, when we are quiet. :0)