Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weird post for Easter but I spent yesterday trying to clean my home and conquer the laundry. It left me somewhat annoyed and defeated.

One word for laundry woes...SOCKS. Socks for 5 (even though Will lives in his own home his socks are still a part of our laundry war) is a lot of socks. They tend to separate into different factions only to attack from a different angle. For example, Sam is in Florida for the Band trip. Sam is a very poor laundry commander. He's been doing his own laundry for more than half his life and most of it is still in baskets in his room. Socks are his nemesis so I thought I would do some service for him. BAD IDEA.

When he left for his trip he left two large baskets of clean clothes in the living room because he watched TV while he packed. So last night Reilly and I settled in to watch Bedtime Stories and I decided to match socks. What was I thinking?! Not too many matches but probably close to 60 actual socks. So I gathered up what didn't match and put them in a grocery sack and put them in my closet where they reside with 2 more sacks of mismatched socks. I will throw them all away this Wednesday and finally have peace of mind, for a season.

I have bagged and thrown out socks about every other year. I've tried buy all the same type of socks but our feet range from a man's size 15 to a small man with size 4 feet and two women. Even white socks are not all created equally. Depending on the brand (which I forget every time I try to buy more, "hmmm, Fruit of the Loom, Target brand, or Hanes; drat, I can't remember) they all look and feel different.

So my new strategy. Every Easter the whole family will get new socks and whatever we are using that isn't matched at that moment will get tossed. It seems somewhat wasteful but they are biodegradable and won't damage the environment, much. This will cut our laundry issues in half I'm convinced.

I'm not even going to get started on the phenomenon of socks in the washer and the inability of the washer to conquer it's hunger for socks. It seems to be a type of sacrifice to throw your socks in and cross your fingers to see if the same number are there when the "dirty deed" is done.

Well, off to throw some socks away.

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  1. What a fun Easter idea. I have several unmatched socks, myself. :o)